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Learn how to create a blog on blogger in just 5 steps. Create a blog google loves. Get all the resources you need to know on how to start a blog and make money. Simple way on how to create a blog for free on google.

How To Start A Blog On Blogger

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If you are a beginner kindly read the post on what is blog to understand the basics. It is also suggested that you read our post on how to start a successful blog as it provides guidance on all the tips and techniques required to be followed right from the onset to make your blog reach a massive audience. Read the post on blogging platforms to know the advantages of using Google products.

Starting With Blogger

Get New Gmail Address
It is very prudent to get a fresh Gmail address as this will not only be used with blogger but also for registering with various other entities who provide services like tutorials, tools, backlinks builders, google ads, other advertisement providers, affiliate marketers, etc. As you will receive emails from these you do not want your personal email address to be flooded.

Step 1:

Getting Logged In Blogger
Click on or type it into your browser box.

You will show a login box. Enter email address and password of your new Gmail. You will see below image. If you are the old user you will be taken to blogger homepage where all your blogs will be listed. Since you are just starting click on the button that says New Blog.

start your own blog
A box like this will appear.

how to start a successful blog

Another Example:

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Step 2:

Choose the blog address of your choice. Click outside the box. You should get a message that says: This blog address is available. Do not type in the address box. It will appear by default if your desired address is available. 

start your own blog

Another Example:

Important: If you do not want a blog address with joined words (yourdesiredblogname) then use a hyphen after each word (your-desired-blog-name). Avoid using blog name with spaces (your desired blog name) and underscores (your_desired_blog_name).

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Step 3:

You can choose a blog title and template now or later. Both can be changed any number of times but the blog address can never be changed.

create a blog for free

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Step 4:

Click on Create blog!
start a blog for free
You will be led to the dashboard showing an overview of that particular blog. Play around by trying various themes.

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Step 5:

Publishing Your First Post
Click on the 'New Post' button. Your work area will look like this.

start your own blog

Write the appropriate title of your blog in the title box. Remember this will appear on google search pages. So make an attractive combination of words. Limit your title to 70 words as this is the restriction made by search engines like google.

Type or paste your content into the content box. Your blog should be at least 1000 words. Divide the content into at least 5 paragraphs with appropriate headings and subheadings. All this is essential to get good page ranking on google. Use images where ever possible as this not only improves your blog appearance but also goes well with search engines while deciding your page rank.

After you finish click Publish. You can edit and re-edit your post as many times as possible. Please note that the title at the time of first publishing will appear in the URL of that post forever. However, the title shown by search engines index pages will the according to the latest change made by you. Nothing to really worry about though!

Click on the View blog button near the top of the page

Behold!!! Your First Blog!!!

start your own blog

Important: The pencil and spanner icons can be used to edit respective areas as marked in the above image.

Another Example:

For further help do use this: COMPLETE BLOGGING GUIDE

Blogger is the best place to start. However, a new platform developed by Google called Google sites is also worth trying. This is the platform of the next generation. It takes second place in our recommendation. To use both platforms would be even better. To know more about this new development click below link:

Watch following videos for more information. For best understanding watch both videos side by side. The first video is good on basics. The second video touches on the important subject of KEYWORDS which is highly essential.



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